Preparing for Halloween

Jack o’ lanterns (photo by Enzo)Jack o' lanterns (Enzo)  A halloween house (Camille)
Halloween House (photo by Camille)

On Wedneday, we went to Haight Street to find our costumes for Halloween. We walked through the whole street to find out a Halloween store that was not expensive! At first we went to a real halloween costume store and we wanted to be disney princess. As prices were very high we had to go further, the problem is that walking in san francisco is really exhausting. We finally went to a store that was doing sales for Halloween where we found some disney princess costumes but they did not fit us. We were exhausted and running out of time when the lady showed us burlesque costumes. We immediatly got really excited about the idea as it represents France with “Moulin Rouge”.

Haight Street is the perfect street for Halloween but i would never do my shopping there, this is not my style at all, it is more a hippies’ style as they are a lot hanging out in this street. You can find different types of people over there and some have a really unique style.

–Estelle and Victorine

In disguise (Camille)
n disguise  (photo by Camille)