From strangers to friends

I think it started for most of us with pretty awkward e-mails or messages on Facebook. Both French and Americans were looking forward to seeing each other! I was, as the other French kids, I believe, pretty nervous to go, leave my family and stay two weeks with people I barely knew at that time.

After 24 hours of traveling almost, we finally arrived in San Francisco, exhausted, and really joyful to be there!

Day after day, we started laughing more and more with our penfriends. We also discovered common interests or at least things we both like. Talking and living with an American family didn’t only allow us to improve our English but also to create connections!
As far as I am concerned, I like to think it’s the coolest part.

Emily and Sarah
Emily (Sarah’s host student) and Sarah

Thanks to them we discovered a part of America–the best one, as they enjoy to say! We all became good friends with our penfriends and that’s just wonderful! I never thought I would enjoy my trip here as much as I did. It was very complete but I’d sure like to come back!

I hope we’ll all stay in touch because it’s really worth it! I hope we’ll have the opportunity to come back and can’t wait to have our American persons in our home country!

This trip was really something and was simply awesome!

–Sarah F.