Ile d’Ouessant

Sarah Morse (’17) here and I’m reporting on our 5th full day in France. The day started out with our journey to Sainte-Anne, where half of the correspondents attended morning classes with their hosts and the other half attended “L’ecole des Gastronomes”, a cooking class! The first group made sweet items like cake while the second group (which I was in) made three savory dishes: “blinis au sarrasin et crème ciboulette au haddock”, “tartines au beurre de légumes” (toast with butter and vegetables) , and “crème de betterave” (cream and beats). If we learned anything it was that the people in Brittany really like their butter! We then road the telemerik and admired Brest from above.
After returning to Sainte-Anne for lunch, we then visited a tower, which was filled with historic information about Brest, including a wall of all of their mayors and facts about its military background. The rest of the day was filled with exploring Brest, getting “café frappés” and watching the hosts play football (or soccer, not to be confused with American football). I think we all are close to recovering from our jet lag and are looking forward to our final days in Britanny! Au Revoir!
-Sarah Morse

Yesterday, the students of the French Trip traveled to L’île d’Ouessant, a beautiful island off the coast of Brest. We took a two-hour ferry ride across the beautiful water as the sun rose. Very picturesque! A few of us were worried about seasickness, but the teachers came through in a pinch with some anti-nausea pills, and everyone made it through just fine. Students read, talked, and played a few very spirited games of cards.

After a quick van ride up the hill from the ferry docking, we made our way to a beautiful hidden beach, with lots of rocks to relax on, and a massive stone pier jutting out into the water. The entire island is full of beautiful scenery. We ate lunch, played soccer, talked, walked along the water, and relaxed in the sun. Then, the entire group walked out onto the pier and took pictures. Many students had fun modeling for one another, and all our social media feeds were filled with the pictures we took on the pier. The water was a perfect tropical blue but freezing cold. Luckily, the air stayed pretty warm. We’ve been so lucky with the weather so far on this trip, warm and sunny almost every day. Fingers crossed for a beautiful springtime Paris!

After a leisurely meal on the beach (packed by our host families, thanks, host-mom!) it was another van ride into the town, where we spent some time shopping and enjoying ice creams, sodas, and milkshakes at a cafe in the sun. For me, ordering in restaurants is one of the most difficult things to do in French. It’s nice to get the practice, and then have a soda to show for it at the end! After some time spent relaxing in the village, it was time to continue on the tour. Our last stop was a short hike up to an old lighthouse at the top of the island, with beautiful views and soft grass. Ouessant has the softest grass in the world. Some of the students even took turns doing flips and rolling around because of how cushiony it was. As we waited for the vans to take us back down to the ferry, we all agreed we were tired but happy. Yesterday was a lot of beautiful sightseeing and relaxing in the sun. It was so nice to spend a day talking and playing in the sun after our hard work sightseeing all week!

À demain! Parker