Last week end “en Bretagne”!

On Saturday, Dani and I slept in and went to the farmer’s market with out correspondent’s mother, where we bought fresh fruits, cheese, meat, and bread. After, we went to the grocery store and gathered some more cooking supplies for dinner and snacks for a small get together we were hosting for the French correspondents and Americans. After coming home and setting up the house, people came and the correspondents and American students made dinner together. On Sunday morning, Dani and I had breakfast and got ready to go see a castle a few minutes away from the family’s home. This castle was small and was surrounded by a garden. We got a tour of the castle and then walked through the garden. After this we came home, relaxed, and ate.



I had a super weekend to end my stay in Finistère. Friday night my exchange student, Ewen, and I went to the Brest vs. Tours Ligue 2 soccer match. Brest (Stade Brestois) scored in the first 20 minutes, only to give up a goal two minutes later. The game ended tied 1-1. Saturday my exchange student and I woke up early to drive to Morlaix, a town on the north coast of Brittany. The town is quaint and is situated on a tidal river about one hour from Brest. We met up with ten other students at a surf shop and strapped up our wetsuits. The group rented stand up paddleboards and a “paddle géant”, which fit twelve. We set out from the beach and paddled to a small rock formation not far from where we started. We strapped the smaller boards to the handles on the larger one and all hopped on. We battled on the giant board and tried to push others in the water. It was in the 70s on saturday, and it felt really good to be in the clear water. We then went to the train station in Morlaix to take the train back to Brest. In Brest, we stopped at a Brasserie for some sodas and ice cream before doing paintball just outside the city. It was scary at first, but we gained confidence every round and advanced more and more on the paintball arena. That night, the French students hosted a dinner party for the Americans where we ate Pasta and talked about our time in Brest. Sunday was much less action-packed than Saturday. We slept in for the first time and played soccer. For my last night in Finistère, my host family took me to a traditional crêperie situated in a 17th century stone house in Le Conquet. We got “Crêpes au blé noir”, which is the traditional way to eat savory crêpes. I ordered a crêpe with Andouille and potatoes, which was super rich and good. We finished the meal with sweet crêpes. As a final hurrah, my host family took me to the Pt. Saint Mathieu, one of the westernmost points in mainland France, to watch the sunset. It was windy and beautiful, and it was the perfect way to close out a perfect stay in Brittany.