Versailles to Paris!

The chateau of Versailles is an ornate palace decorated with detailed statues, immense pieces of art and covered in gold. This was my second time visiting Versailles and it was still as awe inspiring and impressive as it was the first time. The hallways are filled with statues of gods and busts of important leaders. Each is so perfectly carved that they come to life in the decorated rooms of Versailles. They add to the image of Louis XIV’s power and his overall control over France. Each room’s walls and ceiling were covered in paintings that vividly depicted religious and historical events. The large canvases and bright colors make you feel small in the presence of the king. He had his throne at the end of an expansive and decorated hallway, titled the Hall of Mirrors. Covered on both sides by mirrors, and above an endless mosaic of battles and glory. He would have people approach his decadent throne and once finished leave while continuing to face him and bow. Around each tapestry and covering the gates and fences of Versailles was ornate gold. The ability to use so much to to such unnecessary extent showed, again, the imposing figure of Versailles. The power felt by this massive castle truly reflected the power and control of the kings and the kingdom of France –





At breakfast this morning, I was greeted by a sea of my croissant eating classmates dressed in their fanciest entire. For our last day in France and our second day in Paris, everyone looked absolutely stunning. After breakfast we took the Metro to the Musée Rodin. I was especially excited for this museum because in french 4 we watched a movie, Camille Claudel, about Rodin’s mistress Camille Claudel and their troubling relationship. Having some prior knowledge about Rodin and his muses made our guided tour all the more interesting. We had a wonderful lunch along with ice cream at the museum.

After the museum we made our way to the Eiffel Tower. After forty minutes of free time in the beautiful park surrounding the tower, we began our journey upwards (… in the elevator). The views from the tower were spectacular but my favorite part was by far the somewhat creepy and lifelike mannequins on the very top floor of the tower. On the top floor, there is a display of of Gustave Eiffel’s home along with Gustave and his family depicted with mannequins. After we descended the tower we went to St. Chapelle and Notre Dame. Because today is Good Friday, there was a church service happening when we visited Notre Dame. The church choir and the service made the beautiful chapel even more impressive.

After Notre Dame we finally got to put our fancy outfits to good use! We had our dinner on a boat on the Seine. Not only was the food absolutely amazing, but the views were also incredible. We watched the lights on the Eiffel Tower flicker as the sun set over Paris. It was the perfect ending to an amazing trip.